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I am so excited that you made it to this part of my website! I would love to share with you what I do with my clients every day, so here goes.

What is a Medical Intuitive Reading?

Through the gifts of knowing and vision, I can read into your energy field to determine the root causes of physical and emotional issues. I help zone in on some of the top key issues that are causing you uncomfortable symptoms and help create a plan to help you heal. This plan can include changes in diet, supplements and lifestyle. I explain what each recommendation is for and why we are including it for you. You are of course, welcome to ask any questions about your health during your session.

I also offer health and emotional wellness coaching for 3, 6, or 9 month durations, when we can take a deep dive into your health issues, food issues, any energy blocks to regaining health, checking the level of function of the immune, nervous system and other body systems.

To schedule a session please click here.

New client reading: $265 (1 hour)

New client reading (kids) : $160 (30 mins)
This session is for a young child with a simple health issue. For a child with a more complex health issue, please book a regular initial appointment. This session is also helpful for children who are siblings of parents who are clients, where a full one hour may not be necessary due to already having an understanding of family history. Muneeza reads all of the Health History Forms to assess whether we need a 30 or 60 minute session

Established client reading or follow ups:

1 hour: $250
45 minutes: $200
30 minutes: $140
15 minutes: $67

Long term coaching: please enquire by emailing
Muneeza has very limited space for long term coaching and clients are selected for this program by application.

We have temporarily closed the calendar as we are making some changes to our schedule. It will be available again as soon as the changes are complete!