So I am posting a really cool Green Smoothie recipe after a long time, because it was such a hit for our family! Before I share the recipe, though, just a quick note about how Spring is in the air! At my daughter’s Waldorf school today, was the celebration for the beginning of spring, Maypole Day! With beautiful flower wreaths on their heads they danced around the Maypole. So magical and beautiful, just like spring. New growth and new life and a perfect time for Green Smoothies.

Today’s smoothie has some unusual ingredients, which I want to briefly explain here. And just to make it easier for you, I have added in links to help you go right to where you can purchase these ingredients.

Nettle Infusion

No, not the same as Nettle tea (Stinging Nettle, that is). The difference between nettle infusion and nettle tea is quantity (more herb than in a tea bag) AND its steeped for about 3-4 hours instead of 3-4 minutes. If you’re not ready for Nettles, you can substitute water here. But nettles make this smoothie go from just being food to being medicine.

Sunwarrior Protein Powder

And this ingredient is, for the question I get the most – WHERE do you get your protein from? I get protein from my smoothie even without the powder, but when I work out, this is a great addition for the extra boost. I love sun warrior and I love the vanilla flavour. My favourite!

24 Medicinal Mushroom Blend

This is a product that contains nearly all the medicinal mushrooms. These are not mushrooms that grow in the ground. These are mushrooms that grow on trees. These mushrooms are AMAZING for your immune system and for supporting the body in all kinds of ways. Really make this smoothie medicine and not just food.


POWER POWER POWER food. Our first food (supposed to be, anyway!). Complete food. Complete protein, fat, essential fats, carbohydrate. Not vegan, but from Surthrival is sustainably harvested from cows. Great for the immune system and is a regenerative food and can heal stomach ulcers, leaky gut syndrome and other places in the body that need healing.


Has a malty flavour, over 100 antioxidants, great Vitamin E profile, its anti-inflammatory, reduces tumors, reduces cholesterol and SO much more!

Even if you don’t try every ingredient here, its definitely worth trying at least one new ingredient. Your smoothie will become more medicinal. If you’re going to drink something, why not have it be as nutritious, delicious and medicinal as it can be??!!

Today’s recipe: Muneeza’s SUPER green smoothie


1 bunch Spinach (delivered by Mike from Mike’s Organic Delivery)

3 ripe bananas

1 mango

2 cups Nettle Infusion

1 tsbp Sunwarrior Protein Powder Vanilla (Buy here)

1 tbsp 24 Medicinal Mushroom Blend (Buy here)

1 tbsp Colostrum (Buy here) (note too much colostrum will thicken your smoothie into more of a pudding!)

1 tbsp Bee Pollen

1 tbsp Raw Honey

1 tbsp Tocotrienols (Buy here)


ENJOY!!!! Comment below and let me know what you think!


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